Dark Six

The Dark Six are the shadowy reflection of the Sovereign Host, but more than that they represent the embodiment of fears. Whereas deities of the Host embody hopes of a better life, whether a warm Hearth, a strong Champion, or just sheer Luck, the Dark Six are manifestations of fears that keep people up at night. The fear of malice and jealousy is the domain of the Mockery while the fear of losing control is the Fury's. The Shadow represents lurking threats and betrayals and the Keeper the looming certainty of death. The Devourer is a patron for all powers beyond the control of mortals and the Traveler is the simple danger of uncertainty and unpredictability. To the average Khorvairian, these forces are terrifying and can drive a man mad if he becomes too overwhelmed by the dangers he faces daily. Many worshipers of the Sovereign Host also offer muttered prayers to the Dark Six when truly desperate but there are some that become so obsessed with escaping their paranoia that they give themselves body and soul to the Dark Six in the blind hope that it will somehow pay off in the end.

Dark Six Character Options

The Dark Six, like the Sovereign Host, will grant their followers powers. The Dark Six demand fealty and sacrifice, giving out their power in exchange for worship not merely because of it. For those who are willing to devote themselves to these demanding masters, the following divinity feats are available.

Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Demanding Sacrifice Channel Divinity, must worship the Mockery Use Channel Divinity power demanding sacrifice
Grip of Kol Turrant Channel Divinity, must worship the Keeper Use Channel Divinity power grip of Kol Turrant
Mask of the Shadow Channel Divinity, must worship the Shadow Use Channel Divinity power mask of the Shadow
Shurkaan's Hunger Channel Divinity, must worship the Devourer Use Channel Divinity power Shurkaan's Hunger
Vengeance of the Six Channel Divinity, must worship the Dark Six Use Channel Divinity power vengeance of the Six
Zeal of Szorawai Channel Divinity, must worship the Fury Use Channel Divinity power zeal of Szorawai

Demanding Sacrifice [Divinity]

Prequisite: Channel Divinity class feature, must worship the Mockery.
Benefit: You gain the Channel Divinity power demanding sacrifice.

Mask of the Shadow [Divinity]

Prerequisite: Channel Divinity class feature, must worship the Devourer.
Benefit: You gain the Channel Divinity power mask of the Shadow.

Grip of Kol Turrant [Divinity]

Prerequisites: Channel Divinity class feature, must worship the Keeper.
Benefit: You gain the Channel Divinity power grip of Kol Turrant.

Shurkaan’s Hunger [Divinity]

Prerequisite: Channel Divinity class feature, must worship the Devourer.
Benefit: You gain the Channel Divinity power Shurkaan’s hunger.

Vengeance of the Six [Divinity]

Prerequisite: Channel Divinity class feature, must worship the Dark Six.
Benefit: You gain the Channel Divinity power vengeance of the Six.

Zeal of Szorawai [Divinity]

Prerequisites: Channel Divinity class feature, must worship the Fury.
Benefit: You gain the Channel Divinity power zeal of Szorawai.

Storm Front

The Faith

It is said that Lyran and Selavash were the first heirs of the storm, marked by the power to bend weather to their will. The cultists of the Storm Front do not believe they should settle for servants, however, when they can ally themselves with the master. The Storm Front formed during the Last War as the world saw worse and worse atrocities committed during the escalating conflict. At first, it formed as the military arm of House Lyrandar and serving aboard the house's elemental galleons and airships its members saw some of the worst that the war brought out. Some of the members saw this destructive storm as something they could understand and feel, just like physical storms which they had studied their whole lives. The half-elves began to question the teachings of Sela's Path priests in Stormhome who said that the Mark of the Storm was a benevolent gift from Arawai and Kol Koran, and in the face of the powerful war tearing the Five Nations apart they saw it instead as the mark of the Devourer.
In ancient Lhazaar writings, the Devourer is frequently called the Bringer of Tempests and the Ultimate Storm, and the cultists of the Storm Front embrace this role. The horrors of the Last War dragged on and on, getting worse as hatred between nations deepened. Hateful destruction such as the sabotage of the Glass Tower in Sharn and the horrors committed by Karrnathi undead at Metrol seemed to the Storm Front to be harbingers of the fate of the world. The Day of Mourning was a turning point for those in the Storm Front that followed the Devourer and they forcibly took control of the organization. For them, the Mourning was the final peal of thunder that announces the impending storm and they wanted to be in position to see it commence. The new leadership preached that the world must be wiped clean before it can begin anew, just as a beaten and debris-filled beachhead must be swept clear in order for it to be used once more. The Devourer is the unsympathetic force of erasure that the people of Khorvaire must trust to begin this process and the Storm Front are his soldiers that use their blessed Marks to deadly and effective purpose.

The World

Like the Emerald Claw, the Storm Front has been officially disowned by its parent organization. House Lyrandar elders were shocked by the mutiny that turned the Storm Front from a security force into a cult of the Devourer and they quickly distanced themselves from it. All loyal members of the Storm Front were folded into the ranks of the Harborguard, the city watch of Stormhome, where a better eye could be kept on them. The house has done its best to stamp out the remnants of the cult but far from dying out it is expanding. The Storm Front has a firm foothold in many areas where House Lyrandar does, from Stormreach and the Lhazaar Principalities to Sharn, Fairhaven, and Stormhome itself. The strongest area for the cult, however, is in the nation of Valenar where a combination of a permissive government and a ready recruiting population among the disillusioned Cyran refugees in the nation's east make for fertile ideological ground. They are opposed in many places, however, but a special task-force in House Medani charged with keeping an eye on the Storm Front. Whether this is because they pose a significant threat or because their doomsday prediction has merit, House Medani is not saying.

The Believer

The Storm Front's ranks are filled with more than Lyrandar excoriates: nihilists of all races and backgrounds have joined the cause. Soldiers who have seen too much wartime horror, desperate refugees with nothing else to lose, and even devotees of the Devourer from Khorvaire's darker corners looking for a more structured group have all joined. The core of the Storm Front remains the Lyrandar heirs who originally broke free. Many of these have adopted the surname d'Shurkaanar, Elven for "Shurkaan's heirs," to show their new affiliation. At the head of every Storm Front network is a d'Shurkaanar lieutenant with commanders traveling Khorvaire to connect individual cells, often on the airships and galleons of their former house. The cult has managed few high-profile acts of destruction to date, but they have many terrorist plots in the works that could throw Khorvaire into another war, even more destructive than the last.

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