Daac'or Npcs

The party is drawn back in time to the rule of the Makhaal Dynasty. In this period, the deist Daac'or armies have fled north to escape reprisals for their brief rule in which worship of the Merlaac Taer was promoted over ancestral worship. It is a generation after the daelkyr were sealed away following the climactic final battles of the Third Daelkyr War after which the Khragec emprerors grew soft and were replaced. After losing their grip on power, the Daac'or forces have entered a distant land filled with orcish tribes and the savage remnants of the Kingdom of Lhekaan where abominations still lurk and secrets to the mystery in mondern Fairhaven remain to be found.


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If there's one thing that Deldaaroch is sure of, it's that his family was right to support the Daac'or emperor. The invasion of the daelkyr was certainly a response to the Dhakaani peoples falling away from worshipping the Merlaac Taer of "Highest Crowns." It was a punishment and the apotheists with their ancestral worship could not see this. That was why the emperor had to take control and why they feared him enough to depose him. Now Deldaaroch and his fellow deists are exiled to the frozen north where they live among savage orcs and the backbred remnants of an inconsequential kingdom. The whole situation would be insulting, were it not for the added issue of the worship of the Crowns all but disappearing in the south with loyal worshippers sent north. This brings things from insulting to terrifying as Deldaaroch is convinced it will lead to another invasion, another occupation, and worse horrors than before.


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Joraat is a loyalist, pure and simple. His family has been worshipers of the Merlaac Taer for centuries but he is indifferent himself. During the horrible years following what would later be called the Third Daelkyr War, while the Khragec emperors held sway, he learned to rely on whatever providence might come ones way and not get worried about gods, ancestors, or wood spirits for that matter. He also learned how to follow orders and respect worthy superiors. When the Daac'or armies took control from the corrupt and ineffectual Khragec leaders, Joraat followed his family into battle and rose to a high position in the Daac'or forces. He fought for honor and when the regime fell honor led him north with his fellows to establish a new land. He isn't sure what to make of these lost tribes from the days of Lhekaan but if they will fight alongside him faithfully he won't pry into their past that much.


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The shifty goblin scout grew up in the north. Though a goblinoid like Deldaaroch and Joraat, he has thicker blood, better senses, and the wile to survive in the forest. These southerners have come fleeing some battle in the south which Kaeluur does not understand nor care about. They come to his people, the people of Lhekaan forgotten to fend for themselves against the daelkyr, and demand help when they should be begging for it. During those long, hard centuries the Lhekaani became harder and colder to fit their northern homes and learned the value of poison and curses along with hiding when it is called for. They weathered the daelkyr and they can weather the Dhakaani. After all, the southerners might have the upper hand for now, but if there's one thing a Lhekaan knows it's patience.

Kha Rel

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The bodyguard and slave of Deldaaroch, Kha Rel has a complicated relationship with his master. On the one hand, he knows that his people live free somewhere to the southwest of here in mountain holdfasts along with orcish tribes beyond the reach of the might Dhakaani. On the other hand, he has never seen these lands himself. Kha Rel was born in captivity, a warrior bred from birth to serve a hobgoblin house and protect its sons. He was not kept confined, partly because the huul'der of "goliaths" do not fare well in captivity, but also because the house he serves trusts his family to serve their interests. Kha Rel is not treated like a prisoner and so it does not often cross his mind to act so. He is a warrior with a noble purpose: to fight alongside the valiant warrior Deldaaroch and keep him alive. Everything else, from religious battles to exiled lands to magical relics, is immaterial.


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The moon priest Mear'lesk is willing to work with these foreigners if it means healing for his land and his people. During the wars with the daelkyr, the orcs were ruined and scattered, their mighty cities abandoned after being overrun with horrors beyond imagining. Many of his people fled south to take refuge among the goliaths of the swamps and crags, but Mear'lesk's people stayed in their homeland to carry on. They are but a pale shadow of what they were before and Mear'lesk knows he cannot achieve anything like what druids of previous ages could, but he must try what he can to heal the poisoned rifts left by the otherworldly conflict.

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