Cragwar: The Stone City

Cragwar is heavily fortified, with thick stone walls that give the settlement its epithet. Though the city saw its fair share of fighting during the Last War, changing hands several times between Aundair and Breland, the walls have always been a necessity in Cragwar. The city was built to take advantage of the convenient border crossing from Breland to Aundair, the most traversable pass between the Blackcaps to the west and the thick, undaunted forests to the east, and Cragwar also benefits from the rich mineral deposits in the mountains. Walls make the city secure, keeping both travelers and ore inside until the authorities release them, and also keep threats out. Even during the Last War, the most common threats remained monsters, both the goliath and orc tribes of the mountains and fouler monsters from the infamous Black Pit somewhere among the storm-lashed peaks. Cragwar is a dour place, though with so many forces pressing on it one can hardly fault its people, but it is also a place of opportunity where many plans are building to a head away from the controlling grasp of governments.

Cragwar at a Glance

Cragwar (Small City): Power Centers: Conventional (governor), Nonstandard (criminal guilds, foreign agents, guilds); 3,000 gp limit; Assets 525,000 gp; Population 3,500; Divided (34% humans, 14% dwarves, 13% half-orcs, 10% shifters, 7% gnomes, 5% goliaths, 4% elves and half-elves, 4% changelings, 4% orcs, 3% goblinoids, 2% other)
Authority Figures: Governor Emon ir'Hartlun (King's Bridge), Coporal Dahl Kamric (Dhareg's Rock).

Layout of Cragwar

The city of Cragwar is built into a broad cleft in the foothills of the Blackcaps, laid out in a rough semicircle with a straight wall running north-south to close off the cleft. The thick wall is ever-present in the city's scenery, rising up onto the circular ridge which sweeps from the northern limits of the city, around to the west, and back to the southern part. Large gates are set into the wall to the east and west with a broad avenue running between. Both gates are flanked by stout towers only a dozen feet higher than the wall itself and guard against threats approaching along the wide road which leads east to the Brelish lowlands and the narrow trail that leads farther into the Blackcaps. At the heart of Cragwar are the Rockworks, where ore from mountain mines is processed, and the imposing hulk of Dhareg's Rock, the city's garrison and main defense. A chaotic wagoneer's town, called Oallas's Field, clusters around the eastern gate and the merchant houses of Olarustone lie between that and the Rockworks' refineries. West of the garrison is the sloped neighborhood of Westrise, with a strongly Aundairian population, and the dwarven neighborhood of Arekmar. To the south is the old neighborhood of King's Bridge, which includes the Cragwash river which supplies the city with water and the governor's house, and the mercenary district of Night's Rest where many hope the Last War will ignite again.

Cragwar: The Stone City
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