Cord Makker

A former member of the City Council in Sharn representing the ward of Lower Tavick's Landing. He pushed hard for warforged rights during his last year in office after the Treaty of Thronehold, coining the slogan "equal in the minds as they're equal in law." This campaign may have cost him his re-election but it is also well-accepted that his replacement, a self-made half-elven man named Kilk from the sewers, is owned by one of Sharn's many gangs.
These days Cord Makker spends his days championing warforged rights by taking on causes that other people don't bother with. Lately he has been raising awareness about missing Warforged throughout the lower reaches of Sharn, but the trail has gone cold for now. Worryingly, a friend of the movement, Doria Veledaar, has gone missing but it's unclear whether this has anything to do with the missing warforged.

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