While traveling in the Five Nations, it is generally assumed that one will be dealing with Galifaran currency. All of the Five Nations and most of their former holdings (including Q'barra, the Eldeen Reaches, and the gnomish nation of Zilargo), the currency of the fallen Kingdom is still the official standard. Other nations do not hold to this, however, especially those which have strong pasts that they would rather see promoted. In major cities outside of the Five Nations (such as Rhukaan Draal, Korranberg, or Krona Peak) money-changers are common but in the major cities of humankind they are usually only found in the marketplaces where foreign merchants might arrive. Whether hubris or subtle politics, this practice means that foreigners deal in Galifaran coins when in the Five Nations whether they are used to them or not. On the other hand, it also means that blackmarket exchangers will sometimes fleece travelers who would rather avoid the marketplace and often these exchanges will allow them to slip counterfeit coins into the market without putting themselves at risk.

Culture Platinum Piece Gold Piece Silver Piece Copper Piece
Galifar Platinum Dragon Galifar Sovereign Crown
Aerenal Thalas Vedi Jhal Pas
Darguun Daldaac Ghaluul, Rakhaluul Okuuch Shal'duun
Mror Holds Vorezd Hronaes Dukem Sker
Sarlona Khatasish Parath Sharathal Kekal
Shadow Marshes Tasuus Kihou Chemaal Diraak, Seq

Galifaran Coinage

Mrorian Coinage

Blessed with a considerable amount of natural resources, including precious metals and gems, Mrorian currency tends to be worth slightly more than other coins.
Vorezd: A platinum "scepter" is the most valuable coin minted in the Mror Holds
Hronaes: The "helm" is the Mrorian equivalent to a gold coin, though it has a thin ring of platinum which surrounds the gold center. The front is stamped with a general's peaked helm and the anvil of Onatar. On the back is the motto of the united Mrorian clans in Dwarven "Forged Together by the Divine."
Dukem: A "shield"
Sker: The "axe"

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