Cities Of Khorvaire

Five Nations

  • Cragwar: The Stone City. This fortified mining town in northern Breland is a major crossroads despite its remote location. Nations and alliances from across Khorvaire would love to have control of the city to grow rich off of its rich mineral resources, even as close as it is to the Black Pit full of Khyber monstrosities.
  • Fairhaven: City of Lights. The capital of Fairhaven is teeming with secrets and coursing with magic. Adventure is not hard to find, but sometimes distinguishing who is in the right and who is in the wrong can be the hardest part of the mission.
  • Fort Bones and Fort Zombie: The Southern Strongholds. Where the territory of Karrnath juts down into the Talenta Plains like a broken rib lie two forts of infamous reputation. They are the bulwark that Karrnath maintains against threats from the Mournland and Valenar, which are seen daily but many worry that worse is still to come.
  • Korth: City of Kings. The birthplace of Karrn the Conqueror, Galifar I, and human dominion of Khorvaire, Korth has a long and illustrious history. Many are saddened by the rot which has set into the city in the form of undead creatures, but few realize the extent of this danger.
  • Passage: City of Roads, Seat of Orien. From this small town on the banks of Lake Galifar, House Orien maintains lightning rails throughout Khorvaire and oversees the successful delivery of a thousand missives. Constructed to be supremely orderly, Passage is still a place of mystery and activity from all corners of the globe.
  • Sharn: City of Towers. The largest city in all of Khorvaire is the center of fashion and commerce for much of the Five Nations. It is also a hub of just about every other industry too, from smuggling to the drug trade and even human trafficking, making it one of the most regular stop for most adventuring parties in Khorvaire. The most information can be found in the Sharn: City of Towers sourcebook from Wizards of the Coast.
  • Stormhome: City of Escapes, Throne of Lyrandar. The home city of House Lyrandar promotes itself as a safe haven for traders of all lands. Those in the know, however, are aware of its darker nature as a place where spies and informants can meet under the protective banner of the House of the Storm.
  • Taer Syraen: The Winter Citadel. This feyspire in the heart of the Karrnwood is wreathed in frost and superstition. The hosts of Winter keep its walls secure and bring icy judgement down on any who venture too close. Most of the information here comes from the article in Dungeon 196.
  • Thaliost: Road to the North, City of Strife. This city in northern Thrane was once part of Aundair until it was conquered during Last War, but the resistance against Thranish rule continues.
  • Wroat: The First City. Though many consider it greatly overshadowed by Sharn to the south, the Brelish hold their capital city with great affection and pride. If they knew more of what went on in the shadows of the Parliament, though, that esteem might falter.
  • Vathirond: The Wounded City. On the border between Thrane, the Mournlands, and Breland, Vathirond saw more than it's share of conflict during the Last War. Pain and loss stalk the streets here which are unusually empty, but opportunity also exists for those with a mind to rebuild.

Greater Khorvaire

  • Graywall: City of Monsters. The legendary trade town of Droaam is ruled by a mind flayer and policed by gnolls. Adventurers from across Khorvaire flock to the town or are driven there with no where else to go, finding adventure and danger in equal measure. Most information here comes from the article in Dragon 368.
  • Port Verge: City of Sharks. The seat of the Diresharks Principality exists amid a maelstrom of intrigue and alliances with Prince Kolberkon in the middle directing it all.
  • Rhukaan Draal: The Imperial City. Built on the ruins of an ancient Dhakaani ruins, this rebuilt city is home to the goblinoid monarchy which rules Darguun. The Lhesh Haruuc is busily building this city into something he feels is worthy of his people's heritage and rustic structures sit next to ornately formal traditions and dangerous dungeons.
  • Shae Joridal: The Spire of Emerald Light. When this feyspire arrived in Eberron once more it found itself in the midst of a hostile nation of goblins. The armies of Darguun have lain siege to the spire for years, trapping it as the fey magics which connect it to Thelanis fade.
  • Taer Lian Doresh: Fortress of Fading Dreams. This feyspire was once beautiful and pristine, but was ruined when the giants threw it into the nightmare realms of the Plane of Dreams in retribution. After centuries being lost, it has returned to Khorvaire with an entirely new guise. Most information here comes from the articles in Dungeon 178 and 181.
  • Taer Syraen: The Winter Citadel. The Prince of Frost has closed this citadel to outsiders, rebuffing any scouts sent by Karrnath to its gates. It stands, threatening but silent, in that nation's heart with no interest in the mortal world.
  • Taer Valaestas: City of Thorns. At once ancient and new, the seat of Valenar culture in Khorvaire is a strange place where humans are the minority. Despite their military power, the elves of Taer Valaestas often need to hire help from other lands and foreigners with business in the city often trust their own countrymen over the enigmatic riders of Valenar.
  • Trolanport: City of Sails. The capital city of Zilargo is a place of fantastic inventions and vibrant culture. Its wealth of secrets is enough to draw visitors from across the continent, though they are just as likely to lose their secrets to the cunning gnomes.
  • Volaar Draal: Stronghold of the Word. Any who think little of the Dhakaani heritage of the goblins would think twice upon seeing this magnificent fortress. It is said to be impregnable and is the stronghold of the Kech Volaar, who would see Dhakaan return to its former power.
  • Zarash'ak: City of Stilts, Home of Tharashk. The frontier town and unofficial capital of the Shadow Marches is a meeting place for tribal customs, foreign investors, and the Tharashk merchants who stand between. Though the sluggish pace of life in this humid city may not show it, tensions run deeply and powerfully in Zarash'ak. Most of the information here comes from the article in Dragon 191.

Beyond Khorvaire

  • Dvaarnava: The Hidden Port. This port, hidden in the rocky coasts of Adar, is the main way of entering or leaving Adar without being intercepted by Riedran warships. Of course, once inside a traveler must deal with the strict and secretive Adarans who guard this place.
  • Shae Mordai: City of the Dead. The undying of Shae Mordai are not the lurching undead many adventurers are used to, but their arcane powers are no less strong. The Undying Court which rules this city and the island nation of Aerenal are not malicious, but they guard secrets which could destroy civilizations if they fell into the wrong hands.
  • Stormreach: City of Ruins, City of Dungeons. This one-time pirate outpost is now the seat of trade for the Dragonmarked Houses and the Five Nations in Xen'drik. The rulers and inhabitants have not changed since the days of the Pirate Lords, however, and adventurers would do well to watch their possessions while exploring the many hidden troves of Stormreach. The best source of information is the City of Stormreach sourcebook from Wizards of the Coast.
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