Chequer's Ward

The bustling mercantile heart of the city is the Chequer’s Ward north of Fairhold. The ward has always been important to the city’s economy but its influence has only grown since the collapse of the merchant districts in Marble Halls. The Chequer’s Ward contains Dragonhold, the seat of power for most of the dragonmarked houses’ activities in Fairhaven, as well as including the powerful financial district of Golden. It shouldn’t be surprisingly, then, that this ward often finds itself the battleground for political struggles played out by the aristocrats and plutocrats of Fairhaven. Interestingly, the ward also contains districts such as the Distant Exchange offer an easy egress into the ward by commoners which only complicates the situation, making the Chequer’s Ward a truly dynamic area.
Population: 6,600
Social Class: Upper to middle class.
Character: Professional and busy with both rich estates and crowded marketplaces.
Districts: average residential, embassy district, financial district, garrison, guildhall district, marketplace, wealthy residential (2)
Businesses: bankers, specialists, high-end merchants; gold piece limit: 80,000 gp.
Key Personalities: Commander Erben Alyea (Northcall), Jorlana d’Cannith (Dragonhold), Reimes d’Deneith (Golden), Jeul Durmond (Distant Exchange), Dusklighter (Ambassador Court), General Merrin ir’Hoen (Wrogar’s Arch), Haneela d’Jorasco (Dragonhold), Kanshaq’irtal (Distant Exchange), Dulaen Elorrenthi d’Phiarlan (Dragonhold), Marise Turiane (Distant Exchange), Galec d’Vadalis (Distant Exchange)
Watch Detail: 204 guards of the Watch; 92 on day shift (69 patrol, 23 stationed), 109 on evening shift (81 patrol, 28 stationed), 108 on night shift (80 patrol, 28 stationed). These guards are responsible for Pine Hill and the Eastway Ward as well as the Chequer’s Ward.


Ambassador Court

District Type: Embassy district
First Impression: Stately buildings bearing standards from nearly a dozen nations line the street with busy messengers hurrying between them.


The embassies and consulates of Ambassador Court represent the most concrete part of the outside world in Fairhaven. Ten nations maintain embassies in the district: Breland, Cyre, the Eldeen Reaches, Karrnath, the Lazhaar Principalities, the Mror Holds, Thrane, Zilargo, Aerenal, and Riedra. All of them are filled with diplomats and clerks to maintain correspondence to and from their parent countries, but the contents of these letters are the business of the third type of employee: the spies. The so-called Shadow War is played out in the shadows of Ambassador Court as the agents of each nation try to gain information from the others. The ever-present specter of the Royal Eyes, who keep a close watch on everything that happens in Fairhaven, means that these embassies rely even more on outside agents than normal. House Phiarlan and, to a lesser extent, House Thuranni both make good business acting as spies that can’t be tied to specific nations, though their prices are steep. During the last years of the war, some nations even turned to criminal organizations to do their spying for them. The officials at the Lazhaarite embassy in particular have a healthy working relationship with the Dark Dagger Gang while the ambassadors of the Eldeen Reaches have long received their information through the Saverne, even before they had an official embassy.
The Wardens’ Glade: The newest embassy in Ambassador Court is that of the Eldeen Reaches, only recognized by Aundair as a legitimate nation in the Treaty of Thronehold. The massive hedgerow walls and spreading trees of the compound grew almost literally overnight, cultivated by representatives of the Wardens of the Woods. The embassy is ostentatious in its splendid, druidic construction, and this is the exact effect that the Wardens hoped to create. Disputes still abound between the nations and if the Last War is to start anew, the Eldeen-Aundairian border is a likely spot. However the druids realize that the simple creation of an embassy in Fairhaven gives them a legitimacy which can be used as a diplomatic weapon against Aundairian aggression into the Reaches. Still, they have no intention of making the Aundairians comfortable and to this end they have appointed a very unusual representative. The awakened giant owl Dusklighter is a competent speaker and skilled diplomat, and he excels at putting the Aundairian officials he meets with ill at ease. The ambassador has a well-known habit of clacking his talons against the floor while in meetings with the Queen’s diplomats, and his bodyguard of two awakened dire bears never fails to cause a scene when he travels from the Wardens’ Glade to the castle on business.
The Riedran Embassy: The exotic looking buildings making up the compound of the Riedran embassy have a patched together look to them still. Twenty years ago, the building was all but destroyed in a massive explosion which rocked the whole district. Many Riedrans died in the blast and the foreign nation nearly severed all ties with Aundair because of the incident. Only through careful diplomacy was Queen Barvette, Aurala’s mother, able to maintain the valuable trade relationship with Riedra. Even today, however, relations between the two nations remain cool and the embassy is a daily reminder of this to the Riedrans that work in the building.
See Also: Many of the martial practices in Martial Power 2 are useful for creating diplomat characters, and information on spy adventures can be found on page 118 of Sharn: City of Towers. Information on the Shadow War and the business of spying can be found on pages 87-89 of Forge of War. Descriptions of foreign nations’ interests in Fairhaven can be found in Chapter 3: Power and Politics. See the Shangha district in Marble Halls for more information about the kalashtar presence in Fairhaven.

Distant Exchange

District Type: Marketplace
First Impression: A hundred shops from a hundred different places crowd the streets, attracting some of the largest crowds to be found in Fairhaven.

The Distant Exchange is one of the largest and certainly the most varied market in the City of Lights. Obviously, it gathers most of its reputation from the exotic treasures that many of its merchants sell, relics from far-off Xen’drik or Sarlona as well as the Five Nations or the wilds of western Khorvaire. Next to these are dozens of more mundane tradesmen, from magewrights and carpenters to produce sellers and portrait painters. However, even these shops specialize in exotic styles and goods, following the long-standing tradition of the Distant Exchange: nothing sold here can come from Aundair.
In addition to the well-known merchants below, the Distant Exchange features a Varden’s Liquors, one of the only places during the war to buy Karrnathi brandy; Southern Finery, selling exotic jewelry from Xen’drik about half of which are real; Aeldren and White, a perfume dealer with products from across the Five Nations and beyond; and The Lake and Loon, a tavern run by two retired adventurers from Breland who hosts contests once a month where participants are challenged to identify a drink’s origin after one sip.
Artificers of Aundair: This cartel has a large store at one end of the enclosed Distant Exchange building. The business is the joint venture of several powerful artificers who specialize, according to the Exchange’s rules, in uncommon magic items. They cater mostly to adventurers and are one of the best options for parties headed into dangerous areas. The shop is maintained by a woman named Marise Turiane, a much better merchant than she is an artificer, but she expertly manages her associates’ work and approaches every deal like it’s the last one she’ll ever get. Among the artificers who contribute to the wares in Artificers of Aundair is are experts specializing in magical and mundane poisons, Dhakaani tomb traps and puzzle wards, protective amulets against the dangers of the Demon Wastes, arcane protection against the dangers of Khyber, and a host of other esoteric areas.
Aundairian Army Supply Depot: This stone building just outside of the Distant Exchange complex sells weaponry produced by the army blacksmiths. The weapons are generally fairly basic, but they are well-crafted attractive if not exactly beautiful. Queen Aurala occasionally promotes the business as proof that she is slowly dismantling Aundair’s standing military once more, but the truth is that the Supply Depot is a convenient way to keep a market going for crafters employed by the military in business and most of the “surplus” weapons have been replaced already with newly-crafted items. Should the Last War start again, the Aundairian army may have lost a small amount of equipment through the sales, but its production lines will be not only primed by already in motion.
Because it isn’t under the Exchange’s roof, the Supply Depot can and does sell mostly unremarkable weaponry, but it does have a few magical items in the back. The Royal Eyes sometimes use the store as a front to create a fabricated sale of magical items to independent agents. Whenever the Eyes need to distance themselves from a mission, a simple sales voucher from the Supply Depot will show anyone interested that the adventurers just “happened” to buy the weapons from the business.
Chered and Gordau: Generations ago, the competing gnomish inquisitive services of the Chered and Gordau families were legendary, as was their feud. For reasons unknown, the families both had arrived long before from Zilargo with a rivalry already in place. Eventually it got to the point where each family’s principle business was in foiling the other’s investigation and business was being lost rapidly. So the gnomes decided to set their differences aside and form a joint inquisitive service, sealing the deal by marrying the heirs to each business. Today Chered and Gordau is known throughout Fairhaven as an innovative and effective inquisitive service and the firm gets business from Besalle’s to the Whiteroof Ward. The extended gnome families still control the inquisitive service and all ten of their inquisitives are full-blooded members of one or both families. While they have a good working relationship with the Zilargo embassy in Ambassador Court, and has conducted more than a few clandestine investigations on behalf of the Trust, they’re interactions with House Sivis are strained at best. Some people say that the families are just so used to having a feud that they have turned on the dragonmarked house, and Chered and Gordau has done nothing to dissuade those rumors.
Durmond’s Dyes: The small cart of this outlandish Q’barran merchant is filled with vibrant dyes from the jungles of his homeland. He is in the Distant Exchange every day, selling to cloth merchants and seamstresses alike, but his real business is kept in the small chest behind his cart. Jeul Durmond imports not only dyes from Q’barra by the drug known as dragon’s blood, smuggled by the Saverne into the city through lycanthropic contacts in Droaam. Durmond is only one of a several dealers throughout Fairhaven, though the one with the highest profile and thus he doesn’t generally carry more than a vial or too. Like most cities in Khorvaire, dragon’s blood is illegal in Fairhaven, but some dragonmarked heirs can’t resist its promises and many stop by Durmond’s cart to inspect his dyes and secretly purchase some of the drug for themselves. The Saverne traffic the drug specifically to target dragonmarked houses whom they still blame for being complicit in the Lycanthropic Purge. This is enough of a reason for the gang leaders to break their normal silence and risk exposure by selling drugs.
Fairhaven Husbandry: This outpost in the Distant Exchange is run by House Vadalis and has a number of exotic animals for sale. Those interested in buying magebred mounts or labor animals are generally directed to the house enclave in Dragonhold or the Vadalis enclaves in the countryside around Fairhaven. In Fairhaven Husbandry, most of the animals are smaller and intended for pets or at least household animals. Beautiful parrots from Q’barra, exotic snakes from Xen’drik, or powerful guard dogs domesticated from the wild packs of Droaam are all available for sale in the shop. Animals from such varied locales are impossible for Vadalis heirs to economically sell, and the shop frequently hires independent trappers. Anyone capable-looking who enters the shop is likely to be approached by the charming Galec d’Vadalis and his golden-furred pet monkey. Galec is very well-traveled and likes to insinuate that he has been through many dangerous expeditions himself, though he is nothing more dangerous than a traveling salesman. He is ambitious and self-interested, however, and also on the lookout for collecting wares he doesn’t have to pay for himself.
Kanshaq the Tailor: While Fairhaven is a city that places a fair amount of stake on formality, there are some who prefer more comfortable finery. Between the newly landed adventurer residents of Leis Row and the often eccentric tastes of dragonmarked heirs living near Dragonhold, the Chequer’s Ward has more than its share of such wealthy patrons and Kanshaq the Tailor has cornered the market, so to speak. Located just outside the Distant Exchange building, Kanshaq’irtal specializes in more subdued formalwear than one normally finds in the fashion shops of Nealford or the Sovereign Ward. In addition he has created some fine but outlandish suits and dresses inspired by dress from his native Shadow Marches, and even has some outfits made of glamerweave and dolweave. He even has some courtier’s outfits and noble’s outfits made of darkweave cloth which is popular among the adventurous residents of Leis Row, and Kanshaq the Tailor’s shop is the only place outside of Besalle’s Ward where one can buy a genuine Lormann Coat. While ex-adventurers may find the outfits at Kanshaq’s to be refreshingly loose and comfortable, the more traditional nobility of Fairhaven has little tolerance for the “Leis style” and it is certainly not the way to make an impression.
See Also: More information on the Distant Exchange can be found on page 30 of Five Nations. Descriptions and the effects of dragon’s blood can be found on page 161 of Sharn: City of Towers. Glamerweave and darkweave can be found on page 122 of the Eberron Campaign Setting and dolweave can be found on page 129 of Magic of Eberron. Lormann Coats are further detailed in the Silvertorch district of Besalle’s Ward.


District Type: Guildhall district
First Impression: Stately buildings with intricate iron-wrought designs on their front gates dominate the main avenue here. People on the streets in the livery of dragonmarked houses move through the streets, on errands elsewhere in the city.

As the seat of power for the dragonmarked houses in Fairhaven, Dragonhold has a somewhat deserved reputation for intrigue and politics. All of the houses have enclaves in Dragonhold, though the building devoted to House Orien is relatively small because of the extensive house resources already devoted to the lightning rail and house offices in the Chalice Center, and House Lyrandar has most of its interests concentrated by the docks in the Whiteroof Ward as well as the airship tower in the Chalice Center. House Thuranni also has a very small enclaveand in fact has a diminished sphere of influence throughout Aundair in general due to its feud with House Phiarlan. Of the remaining houses, House Cannith, House Jorasco, and House Phiarlan hold important positions in Fairhaven and all of them administer their interests in the city out of Dragonhold.
Cannith Forgehold: House Cannith’s headquarters in Fairhaven may not be the most ornate of the dragonmarked enclaves in the city, but it is certainly one of the most active. Before the Day of Mourning, when House Cannith’s primary enclave of Whitehearth in Eston was completely destroyed, the Forgehold in Fairhaven was seen as almost the edge of civilization to many Cannith heirs. Today this is far from the perception. Baron Jorlana d’Cannith has proven herself a powerful leader and an expert negotiator and many Cannith heirs see the enclave of Cannith West as a source of major innovation. The long-standing alliance of Aundair and Cyre during the Last War brought an influx of refugees after the Day of Mourning and among them were more than a few very capable Cannith artificers. The house also actively poaches skilled artificers from the ranks of the Arcane Congress and the Academy of Arcane Arts at the University of Wynarn, offering well-paying jobs in the Fabricators guild. While it lacks the immense resources of Cannith South and the raw ambition of Cannith East, House Cannith in Fairhaven has heirs which have a growing and well-deserved reputation for business savvy.
Halls of Memory: The large building which houses the House Phiarlan enclave is dominated by the massive library which gives the edifice its name. The Halls of Memory facility is a storehouse for historical texts of all kinds, from recovered tomes of the Kings of Dhakaan to the first writings of humans on the shores of Khorvaire to detailed histories covering the entire span of the Kingdom of Galifar. The Phiarlan library rivals even the Library of Korranberg in Zilargo for rare texts and between it and the magical libraries in Arcanix a scholar can find plenty to read within the borders of Aundair on any subject that he might choose. In particular, the Halls of Memory house all of the public writings by Phiarlan heirs about the Last War and scholars from across Khorvaire come to Fairhaven to read them. The smaller oratory halls of the enclave are also popular among the city’s residents, making the Halls of Memory nearly as popular during the summer season as the theaters of Nealford. It’s unclear whether the Aundairian penchant for rhetoric and poetry predates the establishment of the Demesne of Memory in Fairhaven, but the two complement each other nicely.
The enclave and library are both run by Dulaen Elorrenthi d’Phiarlan, Lord Seneschal of Aundair and Viceroy of the Demesne of Memory. Dulaen was known throughout the Last War for his moving oratories on the tragedy of war and the sorrow of nations riven were immensely popular among citizens of Fairhaven. He was also known among adventurers involved with the Wayfinder Foundation for paying to record veterans’ experiences during the war or abroad. House Phiarlan scribes were always firm that the telepathy magic they used to record these passages only targeted the memories the subject wanted to give, but some adventurers were wary of the process anyway.
House Jorasco Citadel: This old building was built centuries ago by a noble family, and the influence can still be seen in the castle-like architecture of the edifice. House Jorasco bought the building over two hundred years ago and has refurbished it to serve as a house of healing. The Jorasco Citadel is run by Haneela d’Jorasco, a powerful devotee of the Siberite Cult who can cast several high level clerical spells including resurrection for adventurers willing to pay the somewhat steep prices. The enclave also boasts an altar of resurrection for when Haneela is busy, and does a brisk trade in healing potions created by Haneela’s two apprentices.
Despite the warm décor in most of the halls, the Jorasco Citadel has a reputation among the house’s scions for being a somewhat spooky station to serve in. Whole wings of the enormous citadel have never been redone and they remain silent and empty, entered only by cleaning staff once a week or so. The cellar of the citadel is closed off entirely, sealed nearly a century ago after it was discovered that parts of the old basement were open to catacombs underlying the city. When she first arrived at the enclave, Haneela converted one of the empty sections into a chamber of worship for the Siberite Cult. While the faith certainly comes after House Jorasco business in priorities, it is becoming an increasingly popular place of worship for Fairhaven citizens. Many of the more audacious residents of Leis Row have come to the sensationalist ceremonies of the cult and Haneela’s chapel has begun to give the religion some legitimacy among the more traditional residents of the central wards.
See Also: Information about Jorlana d’Cannith’s history and plans can be found on pages 18-20 of Dragonmarked. More information on the demesnes of House Phiarlan and about Dulaen d’Phiarlan can be found on pages 68-69 of Dragonmarked. More information on the House Jorasco Citadel can be found on page 31 of Five Nations and information on the Siberite Cult can be found in Chapter 4: Guilds and Organizations as well as many districts in Rordan’s Gate. The altar of resurrection magical item is detailed on page 261 of the Eberron Campaign Setting.


District Type: Financial District
First Impression: Everything sparkles here, from the buildings to the people, and the streets are filled with well-dressed merchants and armored guards.

The financial heart of Fairhaven is the aptly-named district of Golden. Fairhaven is prominently situated in a prime mercantile position between rich farmlands to the north and west, river trade to the east, and highways to Breland and Thrane in the south, and the city has always enjoyed a healthy trade since its earliest days. Golden, however, is a very new district, barely forty years old. Before the Last War, the district was a professional district with a large amount of money lenders, but mostly trade crafters working with the markets of the Distant Exchange. After the collapse of the major financial districts in Marble Halls, however, Golden suddenly boomed with money and it grew into an opulent center of wealth and commerce almost overnight. The buildings are all either new or refurbished with the sudden influx of money, and the change in atmosphere has added an excitement to the city that’s almost palpable.
Blademark Guildhouse: While the main headquarters of House Deneith in Fairhaven is found in the house enclave in Dragonhold, the Blademark Guildhouse in Golden is a close second. No official house business takes place here, but the merchants of Golden are some of the largest employers of Blademark guards in Fairhaven. During the Last War, Fairhaven was typically cut off from the main house enclave in Karrlakton and House Deneith had to recruit from local mercenaries to fill the ranks of the Blademarks. As a result, the Blademarks in the Golden are almost a private extension of the city Watch and many of the guild’s mercenaries are citizens of Fairhaven. Many of the merchants throughout the district hire the Blademarks to guard important or valuable shipments in Fairhaven, and administrators in the Guildhouse sometimes negotiate contracts between financiers and the Defenders Guild members in the main house enclave in Dragonhold. The administrator of the Blademark Guildhouse is an enigmatic woman named Reimes d’Deneith, the highest-ranking unmarked member of House Deneith in Fairhaven. Little is known about Reimes, who came to her current position during the Last War and several rivals within the Blademarks Guild are convinced she has a secret, though there are few clues as to what it might be.
Kundarak Bank of Fairhaven: The Kundarak Bank in Golden, like the rest of the district, is new and shining. It was built several decades ago after the Vaults of Onatar in Marble Halls was closed as a bank, and has taken over that previous institution’s position at the center of mercantile power in the city of Fairhaven. House Kundarak wields enormous power behind the throne of nearly every nation in Khorvaire, and Aundair is no exception. The dwarves of House Kundarak have many secret deals with many parties in Aundair, deals they use to influence the commerce and government of the nation. Operating under generations of tradition, the house has many excuses for keeping its records safe, but the Royal Eyes continue to try to find out what exactly they are up to. Now that the Kundaraks have moved so much closer to the Tower of Eyes, the spy organization may decide it’s time for more direct measures.
See Also: The districts of Marble Halls include many references to the shift in mercantile interests in Fairhaven, particularly in the description of the Vaults of Onatar in Crown Crossing.

Leis Row

District Type: Average Residential
First Impression: The stately homes and rich decorations along the streets clash somewhat with the eccentric young residences that stroll the streets like they’re looking for someone to challenge them.

Leis Row was always a nice neighborhood, but recently it has become the home to the new upper class of landed adventurers. During the Last War many soldiers and adventurers in the service of Aundair distinguished themselves and were rewarded with noble titles by the monarchy. While they are counted among the “landed” aristocracy, these former adventurers usually didn’t receive any actual estates for their titles but most never wanted to leave the energetic lifestyle of Fairhaven anyways. As a result, Leis Row has filled with young aristocrats, reveling in their new titles and wealth. What started out as a small annoyance for the other residences of Leis Row has affected the upper class throughout the city as these “upstarts” overturn tradition and propriety. They attend galas in styles borrowed directly from their more common backgrounds and go out carousing in the taverns of Olladra’s Gate and Avalier. A few taverns have even opened up in the previously quiet streets of Leis Row, to the annoyance of the business owners and professionals who also share the neighborhood.
The most serious consequence in the eyes of the city government, however, is the back-alley dueling which grows increasingly common in the district. While most of the nobility merely grumbled over the Queen’s outlawing of duels of honor, the decree is still defied in the back alleys of Leis Row. The duels are usually not lethal and many are just “for sport” instead of honor, a diversion to keep the former adventurers satisfied, but occasionally one gets out of hand, such as the duel behind the now-infamous Green Jack Tavern which led to the exile of Prince Jurian ir’Wynarn.
See Also: Information about Prince Jurian can be found on page 23 of Five Nations.


District Type: Garrison
First Impression: The tall garrison building is surprisingly quiet, lacking in the usual rhythm of marching boots. The building is obviously still functional, however, and many people move in and out through its tall doors.

The Northcall garrison is responsible for the patrolling of the northeast quarter of the city, but it is remarkable quiet for such a responsibility. The Watch stations throughout the Chequer’s Ward, Pine Hill, and the Eastway Ward handle most of the patrol assignments and most Watch activities at the garrison itself are limited to training Watch members. A good portion of the garrison building is given over to bureaucratic offices, however, and Northcall plays an important role as the location where business owners and traders from Rordan’s Gate to Besalle’s to the Eastway must come to obtain licenses for their trades. Offices in the Governor’s Towers in Fairhold see most of the licensing, but merchants have been handled by the offices in Northcall for decades.
The commander of the Northcall garrison is a selfish man who owes his position more to political maneuvering than actual competence. Commander Erben Alyea has made a career out of sycophantism and gathering cronies and is firmly supported by the men under his command. In fact, anyone who expresses doubt in their commander will soon find themselves transferred to another garrison or running afoul of a mugger while on patrol. Unlike Sharn, the Fairhaven Watch is not very corrupt and Erben has to tread carefully to avoid notice but he has proven remarkably skilled so far. This is no doubt partially because of his secret deals made with Kreelo of the Dark Daggers gang which allows both parties to use the other’s resources for their own ambitions. Erben also has an aide who has proven very resourceful and extremely knowledgeable, though she has a dark secret. Yorr Souland is an agent used by the rakshasa Ki’axianol who is controlling Erben to allow the Lords of Dust to spread their influence through Fairhaven. The commander has no idea where his aide gets his information from but, after the man’s first few plans led to his fortune he stopped asking questions. Ki’axianol is simply pleased to have connections with both the Watch and the Dark Daggers afforded by a single position and has apparently ready access to more secrets from his dark patron.

Thellin Court

District Type: Average residential
First Impression: This neighborhood is filled with quiet streets and smaller houses, though many have excellent gardens.

The district of Thellin Court is a quiet, out of the way haven in the bustling Chequer’s Ward. The residents are generally people who moved here to find this quiet and few of them enjoy rowdy adventurers or merchants from the ward’s other districts coming in to disturb the peace. Besides this stuffy reputation, Thellin Court is known for its magnificent gardens that bloom every spring. The residents quietly compete for the best garden and visitors in this season are likely to find passive aggressive attitudes in the air as well as the scent of flowers.

Wrogar’s Arch

District Type: Wealthy residential
First Impression: Brilliant white marble houses arranged along wide avenues that all radiate from a central plaza with a tall monument.

The wealthy neighborhood of Wrogar’s Arch is the home of rich citizens of Fairhaven who want privacy more than renown. The district is somewhat removed from the politics and gossip of similar neighborhoods in the Sovereign Ward or Nealford so the aristrocrats who choose to make their home here are generally trying to get away from all of this. At the center of the neighborhood is Wrogar’s Arch itself, a large monument erected by the first King of Aundair a century ago. It is a squared monument covered with carvings depicting periods of Aundair’s past and the edifice is formally known as the Arch of Noble Aundair, though it is much more commonly known by the name of the monarch who created it. A bronze statue of King Wrogar astride a regal horse was commissioned in the 950s and stands now in front of the arch, waving his famed greatsword in a victorious gesture.
Because of the military monument at its center and the distance from the rest of Fairhaven’s upper class makes Wrogar’s Arch a popular area of the city for retired military men. Since the Last War’s beginnings, generals who retire from the army have wanted to find a place to get away from the attention of the public and the other nobility and Wrogar’s Arch provides the perfect place. Today the most well-known resident is General Merrin ir’Hoen, known as “the Boar” during the war for her brutal tactics especially against the armies of Thrane. Merrin the Boar was actually called up on charges during the War Tribunal of Thronehold and though she was eventually acquitted the event prompted her retirement from the army. Despite her self-imposed removal from society, rumors persist that the general is not satisfied with her retirement and maybe it was not entirely up to her.

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