Captain Nalmouk

Captain of the Conqueror's Fortune and the commanding naval officer on the expedition to the Lhazaar Principalities. Nalmouk is an affable sailor with an informal way of talking, but he is a military man through and through and a more than capable captain. He has served twenty years in the Karrnathi navy and fought in many naval battles throughout Karrn Bay and down into Sound including the great waterborne invasion of the Shadukar Peninsula of Thrane in 908 YK and Moranna's ill-fated naval assault on Sharn in 991 YK. With the Last War over, however, Nalmouk is anxious to complete his term of service in the navy and return to his home town of Iceflow Port.

He is a responsible captain and a dutiful soldier, both qualities that earned him the honor of transporting the mission to Port Verge. Most of the crew of the Conqueror's Fortune has been to the port before and morale is easy to maintain even in the cold waters of the Lhazaar Sea by purchasing exotic treats like icecrown tabbacco and matr-wine from Q'barra. Except for the attack at Vorgaard the trip has been relatively easy so far for Nalmouk and his crew.

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