Many adventurers are disappointed by their first foray into Brickenhall. Some are from Sharn, or at least have heard enough stories, and are expecting something like Undersharn. The vaulted cavern and buried ruins under the City of Towers are like an entire city in themselves. The sprawling tunnels of Brickenhall, however, are more modern structures that were built as part of Fairhaven as it grew from a human colony to a Galifarn metropolis. Centuries of sewers and abandoned basements hardly make an impressive space but one would be foolish to ignore Brickenhall’s influence on the city. Like many things in Aundair, its calm exterior holds many secrets.
Population: 1,100.
Social Class: Lower class.
Character: Dank tunnels with furtive residents who fight to keep their privacy.
Key Personalities: The Dead-Eyed Lord (Khyber Haunts), Ki'axianol (Khyber Haunts), Saverne Matriarch (Saverne Tunnels), Spy Master Thuel Racannoch (Adderhold)
Watch: None


Conditions: Refurbished basements and underground cisterns, decorated and sealed for comfort and security.
First Impression: Arriving from above, the décor is similar to that of the palace but the atmosphere is severe and no windows are to be found.

The Royal Eyes are involved in every facet of life in Fairhaven, and Brickenhall is no exception. Over a century ago, the organization began to renovate some of the deeper basements of Fairhold and eventually annexed parts of the surrounding tunnels as well. Issues with vagrants living in the tunnels naturally arose but the areas of Adderhold, as the snaking complex is called, have been sealed off from the rest of Brickenhall to prevent any breaches of security. Today, the winding hallways lit by ensorcelled globes continue underneath parts of the Chequer’s Ward as well as the areas beneath Fairhold. Stone floors lead past long sections of doors where secret political prisoners are held and sensitive captives are tortured for information. Spy Master Thuel Racannoch oversees almost everything that happens in Adderhold personally but he is probably the only one alive who knows more than a fraction of what the Royal Eyes are up to. Most of the goings-on are a mystery, even to Queen Aurala who maintains some amount of distance from the Royal Eyes’ more damaging activities.
Other rooms directly under the palace are reserved for vast filing chambers with information from across Khorvaire and the rest of Eberron. Offices for some high Royal Eyes officials are also found here where they are safer and these sections are beautifully decorated with hardwood floors and decorative recesses. These hallways look nothing like the other underground parts of the city, and if one were not told that the rooms were underground you wouldn’t know it. Many prisoners or informants are brought blindfolded before administrators of the Royal Eyes and have no idea they have ever visited Adderhold at all.

Khyber Haunts

Conditions: Disused and darkened chambers. Usually long-abandoned and often only temporary spaces.
First Impression: There is something wrong to the air, an oily sensation like a close and unpleasant presence.

The Cults of the Dragon Below have never had a large presence in Fairhaven but there are several pockets of demon-worship in the darker areas of Brickenhall. As in most cities, these groups are disparate and rarely work together. Some follow the machinations of the Lords of Dust and others the twisted plots of the daelkyr. Whatever the source, these groups are marked by evil and it is only in their underground haunts within Brickenhall that they can meet without fear of reprisals by the authorities.
Cult of Ki’axianol: At the start of the Last War, a rakshasa from the Demon Wastes came to Fairhaven to take advantage of the conflict’s confusion. Calling itself Ki’axianol, the demon ingratiated itself into the merchants of Besalle’s Ward, targeting the Silver Flame worshippers in Silvertorch. Through plots, threats, and subjugated servants, Ki’axianol managed to instigate much of the tensions between Thranish residents of the district and their Aundairian neighbors. The scheme was successful and, after the invasion of Thaliost by Thrane’s Northern Crusade, the Thranes in Silvertorch were forcibly removed to Craelia with Karrnathi nationals.
In Ki’axianol’s moment of triumph, however, it was confronted by a paladin of the Silver Flame who had discovered the plan. The knight burst into Ki’axianol’s lair and horribly wounded the rakshasa before the demon even realized what was happening. In the ensuing fight, Ki’axianol nearly died before dispatching the paladin and it was forced to find a new lair in the tunnels of Brickenhall to recuperate. Today its strength is almost entirely regained, though the fight with the paladin severely burned part of part of Ki’axianol’s face which prevents it from using its deceptive veil power. Trapped in its natural form, the rakshasa plots from behind the scenes using agents like Yorr Souland in the Northcall garrison to achieve its goal. From its lair somewhere beneath Silvertorch or Shadowatch, Ki’axianol has had decades to plot and recover and might launch its next chaotic scheme against Fairhaven.
The Dead-Eyed Lord: The dark figure known to its followers as the Dead-Eyed Lord is a mind flayer who serves distant daelkyr masters in the depths of Khyber. Unlike most mind flayers it has eyes of dark sable instead of milky white, giving its face the appearance of a skull. The Lord came to Fairhaven only recently but it quickly secured a lair underneath Dusklight and dominated a loyal group of followers. Some of its strongest servants are adventurers from Escape who serve it willingly for a chance at the ancient power it offers them. In recent weeks, these adventurers have snuck the mind flayer into nearby Lyrandar Tower where he has spread even more chaos. Releasing trained intellect devourers, the Dead-Eyed Lord has taken control of a few Lyrandar stewards and several important passengers bound for other parts of Khorvaire. Now the Lord sits and waits like a spider for its wards to return information.
For mysterious reasons, the Dead-Eyed Lord avoids all contact with the Sleeper in Shadow (described below) which rests beneath Narmont. As a telepathic servant of ancient powers, it is almost certain that the Lord knows about this potential ally so the lack of contact must have an important reason.
Sleeper in Shadow: This dark entity which lies trapped beneath the orcish monument in Narmont, a bound force that has been fighting its imprisonment for millennia. During the days of the Dhakaani Empire, this ancient daelkyr lord devastated the countryside around Vaarn’tel before being trapped and sealed away by Gatekeeper druids. The Gatekeeper seals on the Sleeper’s prison held strong for centuries until the founding of Fairhaven when the influx of arcane magic in the streets above began to degrade it. The Sleeper has stretched out its influence to affect the dreams of many in the districts of the Eastway Ward and has gathered a cult under its name. These individuals, driven to insane obsession by the Sleeper, have no idea where their master lives but they have descended with increasing frequency into the tunnels of Brickenhall underneath Narmont to find the prison and, hopefully, free their master. The Eastway tunnels are normally the territory of the Saverne, which adds to the danger of the cult’s mission, but the wererats generally avoid the Narmont tunnels for fear of the very same evil that the cultists hope to unleash.
Se Also: The conquest of Thaliost is discussed on page 20 and page 92 of The Forge of War.

Saverne Tunnels

Conditions: Forgotten sewers leading south towards the river. Often bricked-over irrigation canals.
First Impression: These tunnels appear completely deserted at first except for some scattered markings on the wall.

The Saverne control much of eastern Brickenhall, the underground passages that run beneath the Eastway and Sovereign Wards and parts of Marble Halls and the Whiteroof Ward. The notoriously reclusive gang is only met with frequency in this section of Brickenhall where they do not tolerate any intruders. Traps and false passages leading to ambush sites are common, built up over several centuries of occupancy by the Saverne who have never forgotten the crusading knights of the Lycanthropic Purge. The only reliable entrances to the Saverne Tunnels, if one does not want to track through hours of dangerously trap-laden tunnels, is in the district of Northarrow in the Eastway Ward where the Saverne controls several major businesses.
Mother’s Nest: Northarrow may be the aboveground headquarters of the Saverne, but the center of the gang’s life is the tangle of tunnels known as Mother’s Nest. Here the leaders of the gang live, and where the Matriarch remains constantly. The Saverne is more than just a gang, of course, it is a society of lycanthropes that predates many of the neighborhoods that have developed above it. Mother’s Nest is the oldest holding of Saverne if the gang’s legends are true and something of an underground city. Lit by glowing fungus and built from stolen pieces of buildings from Fairhaven above, Mother’s Nest is a bizarre and frightening place that many citizens of Fairhaven would be terrified to find out about.
Worm’s Burrows: This location has grown something of a legend in Fairhaven, though most consider it an urban myth. Those who do believe that it exists suppose that it is merely an exaggeration, but the seed of doubt is still placed in their minds. This is exactly the reason that the Saverne periodically “leaks” new rumors of the Worm’s Burrows to the greater city and it is no bluff at all. Somehow the gang managed to capture and move a purple worm into Fairhaven and is trapped in a cavern complex that they created. The wererat hoards picked an abandoned cistern complex which has magically welded capstones that the Worm cannot burrow out of and the only entrances are through tunnels submerged in saline water that leaves the invertebrate in agony. It is confined and relatively content with the live food that the Saverne feeds it, usually humanoids who fail the initiation rites of the gang or who cross the Saverne in some ways. In recent years, the Worm has feasted well on Dark Dagger spies and upstart Daask thugs.

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