Black Lands

The Black Lands are the cradle of civilization in Khemti. Once, in the mythic past, they were truly black with the rich soils fed by the River Yor. While agriculture is still an important part of society in the Black Lands, much of the region has been swallowed by the hungry sand dunes created by the Wasting. All of the city-states in Khemti are found within the Black Lands and the people of this area tend to leave sedentary lives, especially compared to the more wild Red Lands. Barbarian hordes have attacked the Black Lands many times from the deserts to the west and most inhabitants of the Black Lands have a low opinion of the Red Lands.
City-states in the Black Lands include.

Lower Khemti, Kingdom of Hamunaptra

  • Avarna, a cosmopolitan city on the border of Lower Khemti.
  • Hamunaptra, the oldest populated settlement in the Black Lands and seat of the Khemtian pharaohs.
  • Isyut, the City of Thoth said to be built by the god of knowledge himself.
  • Per-Tefnu, a powerful port city devoted to the god Tefnut on the shores of the Sea of Uacht-ur.
  • Raqote, a city devoted to Isis with a very large elf and half-elf population.
  • Terenuthis, in the midst of amazingly rich farmland in the Yor Delta.
  • Tjekut, a militaristic city on the frontier of the Red Lands.
  • Qarta Nefu, a set of ruins recently built into a trade city for Redlanders.

Middle Khemti, Kingdom of Djeby

  • Djeby, a city of dwarves on the edge of an oasis.
  • Djakaptah, a coastal city built recently from an influx of dwarven immigrants.

Upper Khemti, Kingdom of Shematu

  • Nekhenset, the capital city of Upper Khemti full of mystery and danger.
  • Nekhebset, military center of the kingdom dedicated to Set.
  • Qarta Werset, a former fishing village which has now turned into a secure port city.
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