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Farmington, New Mexico

City Data Sheet, Wikipedia Page
Population: 45,877
Demographics: White 52.4%, Hispanic 22.4%, American Indian 21.3%, Other 3.9
Total Area: 27 sq. miles
Elevation: 5,395 ft

Farmington is a town in the northwest region of the state of New Mexico, United States of America. It is notable as a gateway to Navajo Nation and the Four Corners area, and as a center for folk art, particularly Navajo weavings. Attractions associated with the nearby towns of Aztec, Bloomfield, Kirtland and Shiprock, about the nearest things that highly rural northwestern New Mexico has to "suburbs," also have reasons to visit.

Farmington is connected by roads coming from all directions. US-64 runs east-west through Bloomfield, Farmington, and Shiprock. US-550 runs north-south through Bloomfield and Aztec, running from near Albuquerque to the south and Durango to the north. US-491 runs north-south through Shiprock, continuing south to Gallup and north to Cortez. Farmington is served by several commuter air links and is the home base for Mesa Airlines, a commuter airline with links to various majors. Air travel from Albuquerque, Denver and Phoenix is relatively convenient. No passenger trains serve the town.

Farmington is known for its outstanding recreational facilities and events, annually hosting the Connie Mack World Series, the XTERRA Four Corners Off-Road Triathlon and The Road Apple Rally, the longest running annual mountain bike race in the country. World class trout fishing on the San Juan River, below the Navajo Dam, and golf at Pinon Hills Golf Course are top attractions year-around.


Places in Farmington

  • B-Square Ranch, 3901 Bloomfield Highway/US-64: A strange set of attractions on the lands of the Bolack family including the Bolack Museum of Fish & Wildlife and the Bolack Electromechnical Museum.
  • Farmington Museum, 3041 E Main St: A local area museum with exhibits such as From Dinosaurs to Drill Bits and summaries of Farminton's history as a trading post and western city.
  • Holiday Inn of Farmington, 800 E. Broadway: Generic chain hotel, nothing special, but not bad at all.
  • La Quinta Inn Farmington, 675 Scott Ave: Another chain hotel but reliable.
  • Kokopelli's Cave Bed & Breakfast, 3204 Crestridge Drive: Located in an underground cave which was dug out of sandstone.
  • Three Rivers Restaurant and Brewhouse, 101 E Main St:Great American food, craft beer, pizza, and shuffleboard. Friendly staff. Three Rivers won best beer and best cider at New Mexico's Fair Pro-Am Competition, so beer lovers have a good reason to get off the highway.

Surrounding Area

  • Aztec Ruins National Monument is near the small town of Aztec, just northeast of Farmington proper. One of the many United States National Parks of the Four Corners region, Aztec Ruins preserves the remains of a large pueblo village. A short trail winds through the ruins, allowing you to stoop through low doorways into the site and between the old walls. Another highlight is a massive restored kiva, which is quite impressive on the inside. Day use; $5/person entry fee, interagency (NPS) annual pass applies.
  • Chaco Culture National Historical Park is a major national park about 60 miles south of town. Unless you're prepared for some bucolic car camping, it's wise to secure lodging in Farmington before heading off for Chaco, as lodging in the park is limited to a single, not-well-developed campground.
  • Four Corners National Monument, where New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah meet at the same point, is located northwest of town (take US-64 to US-160 north); not much there but a monument and some vendors, but you can say you've visited the only point in the United States where four states meet. Entry fee is $3. The monument closes at 5PM.
  • Mesa Verde National Park* is the other major national park in the Four Corners area, about 40 miles north across the Colorado state line. Truly magnificent ruins, with fine scenery to boot.
  • Navajo Nation** occupies much of the Four Corners region, starting just west of the Farmington city limits. A number of interesting posts and galleries featuring Navajo rugs are along US 64 leading west from Farmington to the town of Shiprock.
  • Salmon Ruin is an archaeological site related to those at much more extensive Chaco Culture National Historical Park to the south. On US 64 between Farmington and Bloomfield. Open 9-5 daily (12-5 on Sundays during the winter); admission $3, with reduced rates for seniors and children.
  • Ship Rock itself lies beyond the town of the same name, a spectacular monolith rising from the desert that has featured in many movies of the Wild West. It's well worth a visit for some photography.
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