Battle Of Tzaryan Keep

In 989 YK, a mere two years after the evacuation of Brelish citizens from the western third of Breland by King Boranel, the region which would one day become Droaam was a chaotic no man's land. The warlords of the region, freed from fighting off Brelish patrols, fought ceaselessly for control of the new territories while agents of the Daughters of Sora Kell were still struggling to subjugate all of these disparate factions. Across the Thunder Sea, the remnants of the once-great pirate lords of Stormreach eyed the territory covetously and some, reasoning that the dissolution of the Kingdom of Galifar also meant that the navy ships which had stifled piracy in the area were no longer up to the task.
After the autumn storms had tapered off in that year, the lords launched a small force of ships with mercenary crews to the southern shore of the condemned lands and attempted to carve out their own principality to rival those of Lhazaar on the northern coast. The force landed near the ancient Dhakaani fortress of Tzaryan Keep, then in the possession of a semi-powerful giant lord. The pirates quickly defeated the giant's forces and claimed the keep for themselves before word ever reached the Great Crag. The hags quickly assembled a force to repel the pirates who were unfortunately dug in by this point. Dividing and coming at the keep from both the northeast and northwest, the Droaamite forces hoped to funnel the pirate mercenaries back towards the ocean. The initial assault failed and the Droaamites took many casualties from the underestimation. The battle continued over the next few days and might have eventually ended with the defeat of the Daughters' forces if it weren't for a daring night assault organized by the hag's werewolf military leader Rrac.
The harpy aerial troops which had survived the previous days' fighting were sent in under cover of darkness and an overcast sky which hid the moons. Each harpy carried with them a humanoid soldier which were dropped onto the outer walls of the keep near the gate mechanism. It was a risky maneuver, not least because the Droaamites had no real idea of the state of the mechanism before arriving. It paid off, however, and the gate was forced open to allow the rest of the ground troops to storm the keep's lower levels. Once they lost the base of the keep, the pirates capitulated and ransomed their own return to Xen'drik.
The battle was a turning point in the hags' efforts to consolidate Droaam into a single nation, showing that they had the planning and military capabilities to back up their grandiose plans. The werewolf Rrac was honored at a ceremony at the Great Crag where he was given the epithet "Tzaryan" to commemorate his great victory. Word spread and within a year the nation was firmly under the command of the Daughters of Sora Kell. Surprisingly, the battle also cemented the trade agreements with the Stormreach Storm Lords, who finally considered Droaam an important power in the Thunder Sea region. Because the Five Nations do not officially recognize Droaam as a nation, the recognition and trade offered by the Storm Lords is very important to the trade economy of the nation, almost as much as the caravans passing through Graywall.

Also present at the battle were Uliost Brightshroud, medusa agent of the Daughters, and Manthie, member of the Bitter Hand mercenary company.

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