Character Sheet

Athos was a street urchin in Q'Barra. He hid away on a ship which he thought was going to Xen'drik (and to his fortune!) but instead headed straight to Valenar. There, he had to hide and skulk around to live off scraps from the elves, but he did alright for himself, picking up a few tricks from months of street brawling.

Eventually, he managed to gather enough money to get a seat on a ship heading to Sharn, where he imagined he'd lie and cheat his way into passage to Xen'drik. Things didn't quite work out.

He managed to annoy the wrong people, and very quickly scuttled out of Sharn, heading to what he imagined was the next best place: Droaam.

Athos likes to think of himself as a gentleman-dueler. He fights with a rapier and parrying dagger, he avoids dirty tricks when he thinks others are watching, and generally likes to put on a good show.

The thing is, he doesn't really know what a gentleman should act like. He's lived his whole life in the world's underbelly, so he only has his (very active) imagination to work with.

He isn't quite sure what he wants at this point. Money would be nice, and he wouldn't mind some fame … but he never has needed to be absurdly wealthy, and he wouldn't quite know what to do if he was. He's more of a drifter, going from fight to fight, bar to bar, town to town.

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