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Ashurta Stormblade (9658 EC – 9733 EC) was a Dhakaani general and one of the founding warriors of the Khragec Dynasty. She was a powerful symbol and expert general who was instrumental in the overthrow of the daelkyric Ocral'dur Dynasty and for her dramatic reforms of Dhakaani law, generally thought to reflect her military background. Ashurta defeated the Three Princes of the Steel Sky (the powerful daelkyr generals Tabrach-Ti, Arambar, and Castanamir) for which she was called "the savior of Khorvaire." Her life and career were significant in the creation of the Khragec Dynasty and its successor tribes of the Kech Sharaat in modern Darguun.

Table of Contents

Early Life

Ashurta was born in 9670 EC in the region southwest of Maal'delaan in Akhaac. The town had resisted daelkyr influence through much of the despised Ocral'dur Dynasty but by the time of Ashurta's birth regular patrols of abberant soldiers scoured the area. Although the Makhaal historian Hokhar-Daal claims that Ashurta's father was a laborer, this is almost certainly false since Ashurta had connections with the old ruling families in Maal'delaan, she was tutored in the house of the high priest of Rhal'dekuur in Ja'Sharaat, and her uncles served as advisors to the provisional goblinoid government of Akhaac, which all combine to indicate that she was born into an important family. The problems she faced in her early career show that her family was likely one of the many many influential Dhakaani families which moved to obscure parts of the countryside and away from Ocral'dur governance, treading carefully when they returned to politics.

There is a legend that Ashurta, as a teenager, found an eagle's nest with seven chicks in it. Eagle clutches hardly ever have more than three eggs, so even if two females used the same nest, finding seven offspring in a single nest would be exceptionally rare. Since the hobgoblin god of the hunt Rhal'dekuur was often shown with a hunting eagle, it was later seen as an omen predicting the seven great battles of Ashurta's military career against the daelkyr.

In 9673 EC, she was sent to Ja'Sharaat to study as a priestess to Rhal'dekuur and came to the attention of the Dhakaani governor, Tekhaal Akel'dekon, nominally in charge of the city. According to Hokhar-Daal, during a dinner with Akel'dekon, a dinner guest asked the last where the Dhakaani would find any hope of throwing off the daelkyr lords' rule, and Akel'dekon silently nodded toward the young Ashurta. Whether or not this is true, it is certainly Tekhaal Akel'dekon who introduced Ashurta to the other famous heros Karruk and Zaarani, and it was not long after this alleged dinner that she left the temple of Rhal'dekuur to join the resistance army in Akhaac.

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