This Karrnathi town is the home of Boyd Sahariah and the place from which the party hoped to scout Moonhold Keep. About a week before the party arrived, thirty soldiers entered town and announced that the town was to be occupied “for reasons of national security.” They commandeered the meeting hall and set up regular patrols through town but generally left the people alone. It was almost two days before the people of Aisling realized that the soldiers were not acting under the authority of the king but were Feudalist forces sent to the village to make sure that the locals didn’t make a nuisance while the coup played itself out. Some Aislingers guess that the Feudalists hoped to make use of a rumored facility near Moonhold Keep, especially after hearing that similar groups of soldiers were sent to the villages of Eastbrook and Samhladh, all within eight or nine miles of the old keep.

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