Age Of Monsters: Timeline

Years on this timeline are marked from the founding of the Dhakaani Empire. The official date if uniting, according to academics, is -16,000 YK using the Galifaran reckoning so to convert these to modern dates subtract -16,000 from them. Goblin historians of the period instead use reckoning from the Emperor's Crowning (EC) to determine their dates. It should be noted that Galifaran historians are not entirely sure of the date of this event and modern estimates may be off by as much as two hundred years in either direction. Dates are likely accurate relative to each other, however, thanks to the precision of Dhakaani scholars.

Date (EC) Event
-22,000 The first goblin kingdoms arise in southern Khorvaire, in the areas that will become Breland and Darguun.
-14,000 Orc nations arise in western Khorvaire to compete with the goblin kingdoms.
-9,000 The Undying Court is founded in Aerenal.
-800 The Orium Wars ravage the goblin kingdoms for the next three centuries.
-500 The Third Orium War ends with three goblin kingdoms remaining, including Dhakaan which is built from the remains of former kingdoms.
0 The Dhakaani unite the goblin nations to create the greatest empire the goblins have ever known, ruled first by the legendary Five Sovereigns. The Gatekeepers appear among the orcs of western Khorvaire.
250 The dragonborn are pushed from the Talenta Plains and Blade Desert by the Dhakaani armies and retreat across the Endworld Mountains to the Q'barra peninsula.
950 Founding of Varrn'tel, the first settlement at the site of modern Fairhaven, by the orcs.
1,000 Founding of Ja'shaarat, the first settlement at the site of modern Sharn, by the Dhakaani Empire.
1,200 Height of the dragonborn kingdom of Q'barra in eastern Khorvaire.
1,447 End of the legendary Five Sovereigns, beginning of the Vaal'ool dynasty in southern Khorvaire.
2,000 Fall of the Kingdom of Q'barra to economic pressure and a magical accident which destroys much of the nation.
2,575 End of the Vaal'ool dynasty and the beginning of the Takec dynasty.
3,905 The Takec dynasty is replaced in southern Khorvaire by the long-lived Daan-Kukaar dynasty which expands the Dhakaani Empire.
4,000 Dwarves migrate from the Frostfell to the Ironroot Mountains.
4,567 After a weak regime change, Dhakaan loses territory and shrinks to the territory held by the Dagec-Kukaar dynasty.
5,275 Dhakaan law unravels and the empire is plunged into what is known as the Time of Warlords.
5,801 The Time of Warlords ends as Dhakaan is unified under the Har'daach dynasty.
5,921 The unstable Har'daach dynasty is succeeded by the Shuul'aagen dynasty.
6,000 Tarinadal elves from northern Aerenal establish a colony in what is now present day Valenar.
6,200 The brief coexistence between the Tairnadal and the Dhakaani Empire disintegrates as the elves come under attack. They eventually abandon the colony because of attacks on their homelands in Aerenal by the dragons of Argonessen.
6,437-6,470 The Shuul'aagen dynasty is interrupted by the Rule of Vec'daar who radically changes Dhakaani culture. After his tenure there is a civil war, after which the Shuul'aagen line takes the throne again in the Second Shuul'aagen dynasty.
6,943 After a period of infighting, the Second Shuul'aagen dynasty is shattered as the daelkyr invade Eberron from the chaotic plane of Kythri. The period of the Daelkyr Wars begins with the Incursion War that lasts for over a century.
7,000 Ja'shaarat becomes a desolate ruin after a daelkyr attack and becomes the ruins of Duur'shaarat.
7,051 The Dhakaani goblins and orcish druids finally seal the rifts that the daelkyr lords ripped through planar fabrics. The Dhakaani general Gaarhaal founds the Haal'khar dynasty, finally reuniting the goblin kingdoms.
7,176 A war of succession, known as the War of Eight Princes, causes the Haal'khar court to retreat into eastern Dhakaan, leaving the western lands to be ruled by feudal states and orc tribes. The Haal'khar heirs continue as the Dagec-Khar dynasty.
7,423 The western feudal states explode in the Western Wars as the plane of Kythri becomes coterminous once more and the Daelkyr Wars begin anew. Though still sealed from the mortal realm, the daelkyr inspire hordes of gnolls minotaurs to descend on the states and nearly topple Dhakaani civilization.
7,620 Traveling through thin pathways, the githzerai and githyanki leave Kythri to find their freedom. The githyanki travel to the Astral Sea, while the githzerai either remain in other realms of the Elemental Chaos or come to the mortal realm, especially the western lands of modern Droaam.
7,809 The Western Wars end as the Oroch'dhech dynasty reunites much of the Dhakaani lands in a massive military campaign lasting two decades.
7,898 Unable to sustain itself without the impetus of reconquering occupied territory, the Oroch'dhech dynasty gives way to the Taaluun dynasty.
8,592 The collapsing territory of the Taaluun dynasty finally dissolves completely into many localized kingdoms. A time of disunity, known as the Raven States Period, leads to a slowly shifting landscape of Dhakaani kingdoms with political alliances and wars destroying much of the Dhakaani infrastructure.
8,719 The Rhaguul dynasty reunites the broken remains of Dhakaani culture and begins to rebuild the cities and roads. Rhaguul culture resurges and even gains strength against the rival civilizations around it, including the rival Dhakaani state the Kingdom of Lhekaan.
9,115 The Kingdom of Lhekaan is destroyed in war against the Rhaguul state to its west. Despite the victory, Rhaguul has overextended itself and abandons its western territories to gnolls and orcs.
9,357 The Daelkyr Lords of Kythri succeed in breaking the seals which have held them back for millennia and invade Eberron again in force. The Wars of Corruption begin as Dhakaani culture rapidly loses ground.
9,465 The Dhakaani capital falls to daelkyr forces who enslave the goblin races. A series of corrupted hobgoblin foulborn take the Dhakaani throne and found the Ocral'dur dynasty which lasts for some centuries.
9,479 The Second Corruption War begins as goblins and orcs rise to overthrow the daelkyr progeny of the Ocral'dur dynasty.
9,698 After the otherthrow of the daelkyr-led Ocral'dur dynasty, the militaristic Khragec dynasty is established in Dhakaan.
10,231 The Third Corruption War erupts as the remnants of the daelkyr forces attack from their strongholds in Khyber.
10,361 The battered Khragec dynasty ends after the Third Corruption War and the short-lived Daac'or dynasty assumes control of the Dhakaan heartland.
10,370 The Daac'or dynasty gives way to the Makhaal, bringing together all the remains of the goblin lands, which attempts to preserve Dhakaani culture and restore the empire lost in the Daelkyr Wars.
11,000 Still weakened from the Daelkyr War, the Dhakaani Empire is shattered by infighting and civil strife, eventually leading to the Lahaas Uprising and the collapse of goblin civilization. The Shaking Emperor, last of the Makhaal dynasty, flees a siege of the capital with the Royal Scepter, which is lost.
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