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This site started in 2007 as a way for me to collect my characters and materials for campaigns. Since then it has grown into a resource that I hope will benefit lots of DMs out there in Internet Land. Feel free to borrow, adapt, and reference this wiki for your own campaigns, just check with me before you repost something on your own site. If you have any questions, ideas, or collaborative projects contact me with one of the following.




  • Cities of Khorvaire, my attempts to create a full description of many more cities in Khorvaire than just Sharn.
  • Universal Sovereignty, more types of worship throughout Eberron which might be new takes on the old or brand new sources of power.
  • Forgotten Peoples, ethnic and marginalized groups in Eberron similar to the Vistani who can still make a difference.
  • Age of Monsters, the mystical and exotic time of goblin empires and orcish magic fleshed out for a back-in-time campaign or ties to the present.

Game Mechanics

  • Aerenal Calendar, the calendar used by the elves is only hinted at vaguely in Faiths of Eberron but more fleshed out here.
  • Airship Routes, a map showing the major airship routes in Khorvaire. Half or more are purely my invention, but I thought it would be useful to have a map like this for my Cities of Khorvaire writing.
  • Creoles in Eberron. I applaud the simplification of languages in 4e (just like I applaud the simplification of Knowledge skills) but sometimes you really want a strange language the party has a hard time with. Why not try a mixture language? This is written with Eberron in mind (my favorite currently-in-production setting) but it can easily be used for other settings.
  • Sarlonan Options, updated options based on the content in Secrets of Sarlona, Expanded Psionics Handbook, and Complete Psionic from 3.5 Edition *D&D*.




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